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Explore the success story of WP's collaboration with Pears, driving exceptional growth and brand leadership on Amazon UK.


Unilever International


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Pears is categorised as a White Space brand, representing a prominent Unilever brand globally but with limited recognition in the UK/EU. WP alongside Unilever developed an Amazon launch strategy.

WP has collaborated closely with Unilever International to introduce brands into the UK/EU market, targeting areas with low awareness. Following the brand's launch, Pears has achieved multi-million-pound status and has established a robust brand presence on Amazon. Showcasing a Brand Store and Premium A+ Content, its Amazon presence has helped educate a wider customer base on the brand and its heritage. Moreover, Pears continues to increase its market share on Amazon year-on-year.


  • Retail/FBA/FBM (Vendor & Seller Hybrid)
  • Prime Delivery to customers in 7 Amazon European Markets (UK and EU)
  • Launched to 7-figure revenue Amazon brand.
  • In-house FBA preparation (bundling/labelling) and stock injection.
  • Optimised Supply Chain Process for Exemplary Amazon In-Stock Rates.
  • Top Ranking Listings in Soap & Body/Hand Wash
  • Importation and logistics process


  • Brand Registry Monitoring of Non-Compliant Product
  • Full Content Protection and Optimisation.
  • Product Serialisation and Batch Code Traceability
  • SCPN and CPNP (UK and EU Cosmetics Registration and RP)


  • Upsell and cross-sell achieved to increase AOV (Average Order Value).
  • Premium A+ Content/Brand store Design and Implementation.
  • New Product Launches and Vine activation.
  • Ongoing Improvements in SEO, Imagery and Content.
  • Amazon ads management – Highly-targeted AI-driven ad campaign with a mix ofNew to Brand, Competitor and Defensive.
  • Sponsored Product/Display/Brand/Video Advertising
  • Off Amazon Strategy - Amazon Attribution of Influencer Marketing
  • Pan-EU Launch and Development


With Pears’ foundations firmly established, WP’s efforts will now focus on further enhancing the brand’s market share on Amazon, also known as Share of Shelf. This entails implementing more assertive advertising strategies to propel Pears towards becoming a household name with its inherent potential. Additionally, WP and Unilever are developing the profile of the Pears brand across Amazon’s EU marketplaces.