Théa Pharma

Explore the success story of WP's collaboration with Théa Pharmaceuticals, driving exceptional growth and brand leadership on Amazon.


Théa Pharmaceuticals


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Since 2017, WP and Thea Pharma have forged a strong partnership and developed a tailored Amazon marketplace strategy. WP is the full-service Amazon accelerator partner for Théa Pharmaceuticals, managing end-to-end service for their Amazon business.


  • Retail/FBA/FBM (Vendor & Seller Hybrid)
  • In-house FBA preparation (bundling/labelling) and stock injection.
  • Optimised Supply Chain Process for Exemplary Amazon In-Stock Rates.
  • Created and developed multiple multi-million-dollar Amazon channels.
  • Best-selling listings in Amazon's Top 10 for Eye Care.


  • Global Amazon Brand Registry Set Up.
  • Pharmacovigilance Trained Customer Service Team.
  • Full content protection and optimisation.
  • Product Serialisation and Batch Code Traceability


  • Upsell and cross-sell achieved to increase AOV (Average Order Value).
  • Premium A+ Content/Brand store Design and Implementation.
  • New product launches and Vine activation.
  • Amazon AI-Driven Advertising- Sponsored Product/Display/Brand/Video/TV.
  • Ongoing Improvements in SEO, Imagery and Content.
  • North American Expansion


WP is poised to further expand Théa's market presence across Amazon whilst enhancing the brand's return on investment in its Amazon marketing initiatives. Despite Théa's established position as the category leader, the burgeoning growth prospects on Amazon continue to expand.
Staying ahead of the curve in Amazon innovation is central to WP's mission, ensuring our brands remain at the forefront of market trends. Stay tuned for more developments.